Jul 252018

Accfording to the Torah the hide of the burnt offering are given to the priest. The mishna and gemara discuss various cases that are excluded from this halacha as well as several different ways of deriving the halacha that the hide of the animal in all kodashai kodashim are also given to the priests.

Jul 242018

Was Moshe a high priest? From where do we derive that kohanim who have blemishes of all types can get portions of the priestly gifts? The line in the mishna that says those who can’t serve in the temple dont’ get a portion contradicts the line about the kohanim with blemishes. This contradiction is discussed.

Jul 232018

Study Guide Zevachim 101

Shiur sponsored for refuah shleima of Zelig Natan HaKohen ben Dina. There are two versions of the interaction between Moshe and Aharon on the 8th day of the miluim – did Aharon burn the sin offering because of aninut or because of impurity?


Jul 222018

Study Guide Zevachim 99b-100

Can an onen eat kodashim at night? If regular kodashim are not allowed, can one eat the pashal sacrifice? Is aninut at night by Torah law or rabbinic law? A few contradictory sources are brought regarding these issues and several answers are brought.

Jul 202018

Drashot are brought from a summary verse of sacrifices that compares the different types to each other. Two different versions are brought regarding which laws we learn from each. Which categories of kohanim (impure, etc,) get a portion of the meat of the sacrifices and which don’t.

Jul 172018

The cleaning of cloth from sacrificial blood and the cleaning of metal vessels or breaking of earthenware vessels needs to be done in the azara. What do we do if they left the azara and became impure – how do we get them back into the azara?  Details regarding the need to scour and wash out pans that sacrificial meat was cooked in or break them if they were earthenware vessels are discussed. To which sacrifices do these laws apply? What type of contact with the sacrificial meat had to have happened – cooking or even hot liquid or booking without being absorbed into the side of the pan?