Oct 172018

Study Guide Menachot 68

How do we resolve the contradiction between our mishna and a braita about Pesach where the opinions are flipped – those who are concerned one will eat from the new crop earlier, are not concerned that if one checks for chametz on Pesach they will accidentally eat it (and vice-versa). When is the new crop permitted – in the time of the Beit Hamikdash and in the time where there is no Beit Hamikdash? What is the status of a sacrifice brought from the new crop before the time it is permitted in the Beit Hamikdash (Shavuot -after the bread offering is brought)?

Oct 142018

There was a big debate with the Baytusim regarding the date of the bringing of the Omer which affected the date of Shavuot. The debate between them is brought as well as rituals that were instituted to make it the rabbi’s position public due to the debate

Oct 122018

What is the difference between a marcheshet and machavat meal offering? Details regarding the meal offering of the Omer are discussed. Is there a difference between the way it is done on Shabbat (in the event that the day after Pesach falls out on Shabbat) and the way it is done on a regular day?