Oct 312018

In what situations and in which way can items for the toda offering be purchased from maaser sheni money or items? Obligatory offerings cannot be brought from maaser sheni – this is learned out from Pesach. But where from Pesach is this halacha derived?

Oct 302018

Several suggestions are brought to try to find a resolution to a problem that Rabbi Chiya raised- a situation in which a toda and its tmura got mixed up and one died. No resolution is found. Another issue is raised regarding the wording used for one’s commitment to bring a toda and/or its bread (several different wordings are brought) and how that wording is interpreted.

Oct 292018

Various situations in which a replacement offering is brought (the animal got lost and another was brought in its place and in the meantime the first animal was found), or the offspring of an animal designated for a toda or a tmura, would one bring bread with it or not? Does it depend on whether it was a voluntary or obligatory toda?

Oct 282018

Study Guide Menachot 79

If something goes wrong with the slaughtering of the animal, what is the status of the bread and libations? Can they be used for another offering?

Oct 252018

How many loaves in each bread offering? What amount of the crop needed to be reaped in order to get to the proper measurement of flour for various offerings? How many times was the flour sifted?

Oct 242018

Study Guide Menachot 75

How exactly were the meal offerings prepared – step by step details are discussed. What are the differences in the process between the different types as relates to the adding of the oil and the breaking up into pieces? Does one make hamotzi or mezonot on a kugel baked with chunks of bread inside? How is the halacha potentially derived from the laws of meal offerings?

Oct 232018

What is the root of the debate about what is done with the meal sin offering of a priest – burned in its entirety, a handful is separated and each part is burned separately or a handful is separated and burned and the remainder is put by the beit hadeshen to be “lost” (not burned)? Which offerings are burned in their entirety? And which are entirely brought to the priest? How is the oil done in the voluntary offerings?

Oct 222018

Study Guide Menachot 73

From where do we derive that remainder of the meal offerings of the Omer and the Sota go to the priest? When a non-Jew brings a sacrifice, can he bring any type or can he only bring a burnt offering?

Oct 212018

Can one cut the barley for the omer during the day? In which meal offerings is a handful removed and the remainder goes to the priest?