Oct 222017

Will the Mashiach come because the people have returned to God or will it come regardless of that?  Will it come either for a generation of people who are all good or are all bad?  What are signs of events that will precede the coming of that mashiach?  Some rabbis say they know the mashiach will come but they prefer not to see him as they are worried that their sins will; cause them to be destroyed in the “chevlei mashiach.”

Oct 202017

The story of Sancherib’s death is described.  How did Avraham beat te four kings?  Why do evil people live good lives?  An example is brought from Nechuchadnetzer.  A story is told of Nevuzaradin, the army officer of the Babylonians, who got to the temple and saw the blood of Zecharia boiling.  As a result he kills many Jews until he eventually decides to convert to Judasim.  How did Nevuchadnetzer decide to go conquer Jerusalem?  He was encouraged by Israel’s neighbor’s Amon and Moab who gave him inside information.

Oct 192017

Sancheriv had the opportunity to destroy Jerusalem also but he delayed and missed his chance.  The day he got to Jerusalem was the last day to finish up the punishments relating to the city of Nov but he waited until the next morning and therefore didn’t succeed.  The gemara diverges to King David’s punishment for what happened in Nov, holding him indirectly responsible for the death of all the inhabitants of the city.  A whole encounter between him and Yishbi, the brother of Goliath is described as having a connection to this.

Oct 182017

The story of the battle between Hizkiyahu and Sancheriv is discussed in detail, beginning with the tradition that Hizkiyahu was meant to be the messiah but was deemed unworthy for not showing thanks to God.  In the context of the description of the story, the gemara uses it as a platform to stress the importance of learning Torah.

Oct 162017

More sources are brought to prove that there will be resurrection of the dead.  In addition, other sources are brought which indicate things that will be in the world to come.  The gemara brings the verses in Ezekiel where Ezekiel brings the bones back to life.  Various interpretations are brought to explain whether he really resurrected the dead and if he did, whether they lived for a few moments or went on to lead full lives.  Another question is who were the people who Ezekiel resurrected?

Oct 132017

Further conditions are brought under which the rebellious elder can get killed.  There is a debate about how his death is publicized.  Details regarding false prophets and those who don’t listen to prophecies are brought.  Three types of cases receive strangulation and another three are killed by God.  The derivations of these cases as well as rea;l examples of these cases are brought.  The gemara digresses to the akeida story and brings in the satan character fromJob into the story of the akeida.

Oct 102017

A rebellious elder – what is the procedure for convicting one as a rebellious elder?  There are three different opinions brought regarding what types of subject matter does the rebellious elder need to disagree with the other rabbis about in order to incur the death penalty.