Nov 032017

Korach’s wife convinced him to rebel against Moshe according to the story described in the gemara and Korach even tried to argue with her but she convinced him anyway.  It is a matter of debate whether Korach was swallowed up and burned with the others.  However it is clear from the Torah that his sons did not die.  The generation of the desert is a matter of debate whether they were bad and not deserving of the World to Come as indicated in some verses; however other verses are brought that show them in a very positive light and thereby others claim that they have a place in the World to Come.  The ten tribes are also a matter of debate – will they return to the land (or get resuscitated) or not?  Various verses are brought to prove each opinion.  From what age is one able to merit getting entry in the World to Come – from conception, birth, ability to speak, ability to say amen?

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