Oct 292017

Some say that all 7 people mentioned in the mishna do receive a portion in the World to Come.  A verse is brought that is explained in a way that the Jews in the time leading up to the destruction thought that they had a winning answer to counter God and his prophets when they told the people to repent.  Three explanations of what was this “winning answer” is brought.   And in two of them, the weakness in their answer is explained.  The gemara now moves on to discuss Bilam as he is mentioned in the list of those who have no portion in the world to come.  What did he do wrong?  How did he succeed in convincing God to let him go?  Why did he get his own donkey ready instead of letting his servants do it?  What was the nature of the conversation he had with his donkey?    How did he think he would succeed in cursing the Jewish people?  And finally, did he really not succeed in cursing them?

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