Jun 252017

There are a number of rabbis who debated whether Rabbi Meir and the rabbis in the mishna were debating whether or not the person who gave the gift needed to prove he was sick at the time or if the receiver needed to prove that the person was healthy at the time or did they all agree that the assumption is that if he is healthy now, then he was healthy then but what remains to be proven according to the rabbis in the mishna is that the document is valid.  According to the latter opinion, if one comes and says that a document is valid but the circumstances were such that it would render the document irrelevant, do we believe them or not?  Do we say the document is valid since the owner admitted it was valid and we do not accept his admission that it was invalid (i.e. he was on his deathbed and is now better) or since we accept his word that the document is valid, we accept it to say it is invalid?

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