Jun 232017

Rav and Shmuel debate a number of topics relating to gifts given on one’s deathbed.  If one gives a gift with a kinyan chalipin (symbolic) – are we concerned that he added the kinyan in order to override the laws of one on one’s deathbed and only wanted it to be effective with a shtar (document) or do we assume it was done just to strengthen the gift?  If one gave to one person and “zika lo” (various different interpretations what that is) and then gave to another and “zika lo,” does the first one acquire it or the second?  If one says I am giving this to you “in my life and in my death,” what is meant by that statement?  The mishna and the following gemara discuss cases where it is unclear whether the gift was given on one’s deathbed or when one was healthy or the gift was given on one’s deathbed and later the person died but it is unclear if they died from the illness at the time or they got better (in which case the gift should be cancelled) and then subsequently died?

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