Sep 162018

On which arm, where on the arm and where on the head does one put on tefillin? There is agreement on each one but disagreement about from where it is derived. The gemara discusses the debate regarding tzitzit whether all 4 corners is one mitzva or each one is a separate mitzva. The gemara discusses the ramifications of this argument.

Sep 132018

More cases of mezuzot are brought regarding whether or not certain types of entrances require mezuzot. Can mezuzot be written on other materials beside parchment? Details of the laws of tefillin are brought – how is the tefillin of the head different from the tefillin on the arm? Can one be used for the other?

Sep 092018

The world was created with the letter heh which reflects the opportunity for free will and also for doing repentance. The world to come was created with a yud and the gemara explains why. In what situations can a sefer torah be fixed? What are the margins? Spacing? How many columns on each piece of parchment? What if one errs and omits God’s name? Can it be fixed? Several halachot are brought in which Rabbi Shimon Shezuri finds halachic solutions to problematic situations.

Sep 032018

Study Guide Menachot 23

When sanctified items are placed in the same sanctified vessel they are considered combined. What is the meaning of this? To what extent? Do they need to be touching? Various other questions are asked regarding this principle.