Nov 102017

The basics of conspiring witnesses are discussed.  What is the difference between conspiring witnesses and contradictory testimony?  When the witnesses pay/lashes do they split the amount or do they each have to pay the full amount/get the full amount of lashes?  What happens in a case every group that comes is turn into conspiring witnesses by the same group of witnesses – do we assume the group saying “you were with us” to every group of witnesses is lying?  Would it be the same if someone keeps bringing false witnesses and then brings ones who can’t be proven to be false.  Do we suspect they are just because they were brought by someone proven to bring false witnesses?  There is a basic argument between the Perushim and Tzedukim – do the conspiring witnesses get killed only if they succeeded in convicting the person but didn’t succeed in getting them killed (Perushim) or only if they actually succeeded in getting him killed?

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