Oct 042017

If a cow kills a person and gets stoned, what is the status of its fetus if it is pregnant?   Does it depend on whether or not the cow was pregnant at the time of the killing?  At the time of the conviction?  Does it depend on the time the calf is born?  Does a warning need to contain the exact type of death sentence?  Rav Yehuda corrects his father’s version of the mishna and is reprimanded by his teacher for not expressing his words respectfully enough to his father.  If one is convicted to get 2 death penalties which one does he get?  Does it depend on if they were both from the same act or from 2 different acts?  The next 2 mishnayot describe situations in which one gets sent to a “kipa” – each mishna describes what differently what the person is fed in the “kipa.” The gemara assumes they are describing the same thing and just each one dealing with a different stage.  Under what circumstances does one get sent to a “kipa” and how does the gemara understand the circumstances described in the mishna?

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