Sep 252017

More details that narrow the possibility of the rebellious son are brought.  A debate ensues regarding whether or not there was or ever will be a rebellious son.  A similar debate is brought regarding a city who all worship idols and a leprous house.  What is the exact process by which one can be convicted as a rebellious child and will get stoned?  If the son is brought to court but then runs away and by the time they catch him, he is no longer within the age range of one who can be killed for being a rebellious child, what happens?  It depends on whether he was convicted before he ran away.  A halacha is brought regarding a ben Noach who curses God and then converts – he is now innocent as the laws for him have changed.  Is it or is it not similar to the case in our mishna?  Various sources are brought as an attempt to prove or disprove this halacha but all are unsuccessful.

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