Sep 082017

Study Guide Sanhedrin 54

Rabbi Yehuda according to the version in our mishna, holds (against the rabbis) that if one has relations with one’s mother who is also one’s father’s wife, he is only obligated once (in a case that it was accidental, he would only bring one sin offering).  Several attempts are brought to explain where he derives this halacha, which leads to a long braita about how the 2 verses in Vayikra chapter 18 that relate to the father’s wife and one’s mother are extrapolated.  After explaining how Rabbi Yehuda explains those verses and the ones in Vayikra 20 where the punishment is mentioned, the gemara then explains how the rabbis explain those verses.  The mishna then discusses homosexual relations and bestiality and the gemara proceeds to extrapolate the verses relating to those situations.

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