Aug 032017

Study Guide Sanhedrin 24

Various drashot are brought (mainly from verses of Zecharia) which show the difference between the scholars in Israel and those in Babylonia.  It seems to be a self-critique of the Babylonians of what goes on in their batei midrash.  If one accepts one witness to testify or a relative of the other side to be a witness or judge or for the other to swear in a lesser type of swearing than the one required by the court, can that person changed his/her mind?  Does this apply in all cases or only in some types?  Is this relevant before the court rules or even after?  Who is disqualified from being a witness?  Why is someone who gambled not allowed to testify – is it because of asmachta or because he doesn’t have a real job which makes him suspect he will take money to testify falsely.

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