Jul 302017

Study Guide Sanhedrin 15

The gemara gives three expalnations what the mishna means when it says valuations of moveable items.  Why does Rabbi Yehuda require one kohen?  Why in land valuations does it need to be 9 and one kohen?  What is the case of a person mentinoed here?  What is the status of a person’s hair ready to be cut – is it like moveable items or is it considered part of the person’s body and therefore needs 10 people?  What cases are included in the nirba and rovea?  An ox who gores a person – from where do we derive this halacha of 23?  Abaye questions Rava about this derivation and three potential answers are brought (two are rejected).  The case about the wild animals is discussed and several unclear issues from the mishna are resolved.  The shevet – what is the case?  Three suggestions are brought and analyzed.

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