Jun 272017

If children under the age of 18 or 20 can’t sell possessions they inherited, are they allowed to testify in court about monetary issues?  If they are not allowed to sell, are they allowed to give a gift?  It depends of what the reason is for why they can’t sell the property – is it because we are worried they will get taken advantage of or because they may be greedy for money and accept money on behalf of all the possessions and end up without possessions?  Rav Nachman brings in the name of Shmuel a list of cases where one must check if the person has simanim of maturity (2 pubic hairs).  Rabbi Elazar’s (the tanna) opinion is brought that one on one’s deathbed cannot pass on possessions through words but must do an actual kinyan.  A debate between him and the rabbis regarding a few cases is brought – each one explains the cases in support of their position.  The next mishna has a debate between Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua regarding the differences between what one on one’s deathbed can do on Shabbat and on a regular day.  The mishna reads one way but Rabbi Meir has a different version of the debate which is quoted by the gemara.

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