Jun 202017

Study Guide Bava Batra 149

What language must be used in order for a gift stated on one’s deathbed will be a valid gift?  If one sells all of one’s property on one’s deathbed, is it a valid sale if they recover from their illness?  If one admits on one’s deathbed that one owes money, do we believe the admission or is it possible they are just trying to show people that the inheritors don’t have a lot of money?  A story os brought of Issur the convert and how he was able to use this as a solution to passing on his possessions to his son (who was conceived before his conversion and therefore did not fall into the category of an heir).  The mishna says if one divided up one’s possessions on one’s deathbed but left over land of any amount, and then recovers, the gift is valid.  Rav Yehuda says that “any amount” actually means an amount worthy of sustaining him/her.  Rav Yirmiya says that even if one left over movable items worthy of sustaining.  Rav Zeira supports their opinions and Rav Yosef questions them based on the wording in the mishna (“land” and “any amount”).  Abaye supports Rabii Zeira from a mishna in Peah where land actually includes movable items.

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