May 182017

Rabbi Yochanan quotes an opinion of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai saying that one who doesn’t leave sons to inherit, will be the subject of God’s wrath.  This leads to a discussion in the gemara relating to what kind of legacy one must leave – a son?  A student?  A son who follows in the father’s ways?  Rami bar Hama has some questions regarding cases of inheritance when there are no sons, daughters or father?  His questions derive from the last line in the mishna  – “The father comes before all those who descend from him.”   Who does the “him” refer to?  There is a tannaitic debate regarding how the land was diviided up when they reached Israel – based on those who left Egypt (over age 20) who were no longer alive when they entered the land or based on those who came to Israel?  Or based on both?

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