May 142017

Study Guide Bava Batra 112

From where do we learn that a husband inherits from his wife?  Two different opinions are suggested.  One brings five verses to prove it and the gemara tries to explain why all five verses are needed.  Some of the verses are from a section in the Torah that dictates that a daughter who inherits land must marry someone from the same tribe.  Abaye raises the question of how is the problem resolved if she receives land from her mother, the land will pass out of the tribe (assuming her mother is from a different tribe).  Another halacha is brought that a husband only inherits land that the wife owned at the time of her death but if property is passed on to her after her death, (i.e. her father dies and she has no brothers), that land stays in her family.  The source for this halacha is brought (from some of the verses that were used in the earlier braita – that are now explained in a different way).

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