Apr 032017

When someone sells – do they sell with a good eye or a bad eye?  What is included on the sale of a field according to each opinion of this argument?  How is a gift, children dividing an inheritance field, someone who consecrates his property to the Temple different from a sale?  How are each different from each other?

Apr 022017

If generally something is not included in a sale – like trees in the field, if one says I am selling you the field without one specific tree, does that mean that all the other trees are included or are none of the trees included?  By adding words, can it actually make it worse for the seller?  If one gives something to another to watch and has a document to prove it, can the shomer claim he/she returned it (even though the document is still in the hands of the other) because since he/she could claim accidental damage, he/she is believed by a migo that it was returned?