Apr 162017

The mishna discusses 4 types of sales – one where the buyer can renege, one where the seller can renege (cases where the quality was different than the one agreed upon), one where neither xcan renege and one where either side can renege.  Rav Chisda adds that if there was ona’ah (over or undercharging) in which case the sale can be cancelled, and then the price changed after the sale, still only the side that was over/undercharged can renege. How does one acquire fruits?  The mishna discusses which methods work and which don’t.  Rabbi Asi and Rabbi Zeira debate what Rabbi Yochanan holds regarding one who measured and put the items in a side area off the main thoroughfare.  Does one acquire it if it is simply put there or does it need to be placed in the vessels of the buyer in the side area?

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