Apr 132017

Rabbi Meir and the rabbis disagree in a case where one purchases two trees, does one acquire the land also or not?  What are the ramifications of this debate?  Does one bring the first fruits of a tree like this?  According to the mishna in Bikurim, Rabbi Meir and the rabbis also debate this point and according to the rabbis, one would bring the first fruits to the Beit Hamikdash but not say the recitation.  Is this mishna in Bikurim connected to the debate in our mishna?  And why this in between – bring the fruits but not say the recitation?  Rabba answers that we do it because of a doubt – the rabbis are unclear whether or not one acquires the land (likewise for Rabbi Meir in the case of one who purchases one tree).  Four questions are brought on Rabba’s answer and are all resolved but in a way that changes the method in which one brings these fruits to the Beit Hamikdash.

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