Mar 212017

Rabbi Bena’a is demarcating graves and needs to go inside the burial caves to measure them.  A story is told of what happens when he gets to Avraham’s grave and Adam’s grave.  What is his purpose for going there?  What is he allowed to see and what is he not allowed to see?  Another story is told of an amgosh (seemingly a sorcerer) who goes into the graves of others to take things.  Other stories of Rabbi Bena’a are brought as well, including one where he gets put in jail by the non-Jewish authorities and then released because of his great intelligence and made to be a judge.  As judge he critiques and corrects a number of statements they have hung up at the entrance to their city.  The next mishna discusses various things that may or may not create a chazaka depending on various factors including size – a gutter, the spout of the gutter, a ladder, windows.

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