Dec 202015

Various comments and stories are brought regarding appropriate behavior in the house with family and other household members and those in the community who are behaving inappropriately, charity giving, not playing music and wearing bride and groom crowns after the destruction, etc.  The gemara then goes back to the mishna and discusses some border issues in the North.  Does one who brings a get on a boat need to make the declaration that one makes when bringing from abroad?

Dec 182015

Three sources are brought to question Raba’s opinion and all are resolved.  It is stated that the same argument between Raba and Rava was also argued by two Rabbis (amoraim) from Israel.  Another argument which is possibly linked is mentioned – before how many people does the messenger need to be to deliver the get and recite “befanai nechtav ubefanai nechtam” – 2 or 3?

Dec 162015

More discussion of Raba and Rava’s opinions about why there was a need for the declaration of the messenger “it was written and signed before me.”  The weaknesses of each opinion are highlighted in today’s daf.

Study Guide Gittin 3

Dec 142015

The masechet ends with a number of statements describing the difficult historical-political situation after the time of the destruction and discusses what religious factors caused it.  However it ends with a note of hope.

Dec 082015

Who is exempt from war?  Which parts of the speech are said by whom?  A contradiction between two tannaitic sources leads to a discussion about tree grafting and whether it is considered a new growth that will exempt one from going to war.

Study Guide Sotah 43