Oct 082018

Study Guide Menachot 59

Which types of meal offering are mixed with oil and which are offered with frankincense? From where are these laws derived?

Oct 072018

Items that part of them are burned on the altar are forbidden to be burned on the altar and possibly even on the ramp. From where are these laws derived? How are the verses explained according to each opinion? Some even say that it refers to any item that can be called a “korban” and isn’t meant to be sacrificed. What is the requisite amount that one is obligated in if one did burn it? If one offered leavened dough and honey together on the altar, how many sets of lashes (if any) would one receive?

Oct 052018

In the verse regarding the leader’s goat sin offering, what does the word “it” come to exclude? Several suggestions are offered. Regarding leavening, one is obligated if one continued a part of the leavening process of a meal offering even if it had already leavened (for example, baking it after it was already leavened from kneading). Would the same things still apply in other cases? The act of leavening is also different from a regular act as the leavening happens on its own and yet one is obligated. This is compared to putting a piece of meat on the fire on Shabbat as the cooking happens by the fire and not by a person.

Oct 042018

The discussion continues regarding whether we base measurements on the present or what its size was in the past. Water is added to the batter of a meal offering and it needs to be watched to prevent form leavening. One who allows it to leaven transgresses a negative commandment. Details regarding what this applies to and if the dough was kneaded, arranged and baked, for how many negative transgressions does one receive lashes? From where are these laws derived?

Oct 022018

How are the leavened meal offerings prepared? How does one know that meal offerings that were meant to be unleavened and become leavened are disqualified? An interchange between Rabbi Preida and Rabbi Ezra ensues which relates to the importance of zechut avot – is that a value or not?