Mar 052018

Sponsored in memory of David ben Refael.

Study Guide Avoda Zara 49

Rabbi Yosi and the rabbis debate in the mishna whether one needs to be concerned about the benefit gained from leaves falling from an ashera tree that will fertilize the crops. This is understood to be part of a broader debate about when something grows/is created from something forbidden and something permitted together, is the item created forbidden or permitted? The problem is that Rabbi Yosi’s opinion, as well as the rabbi’s opinion, doesn’t match their opinions in other situations regarding this same concept. The gemara tries to reconcile these varying sources. One cannot gain benefit from items created using wood from an ashera tree, but if one accidentally made something using this wood, could one redeem the item? How does “cancelling” out idols work? If an item breaks, do the pieces need cancelling also?

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