Feb 282018

Study Guide Avoda Zara 44

Rabbi Yosi and the rabbis debate whether or not one should (and can) crush the idol and scatter it to the wind or not? Is it considered benefitting from as it can fertilize the land? A braita is brought in which Rabbi Yosi and the rabbis debate the meaning of various verses in order to prove their opinion. Rabban Gamliel was questioned by a non-Jew why he was bathing in a bathhouse that had a statue to Aphrodite. He gave 3 answers. In the gemara it is suggested that his answer was not a real answer but a deception, however, it is then explained that it was a true answer. Four explanations are given to explain what the possible deception was and why it was actually a true answer. The next mishna discusses mountains and hills that are worshipped, what about them is forbidden to benefit from? How does an Asheira tree fit the rule? Verses from the book of Devarim are brought as proof texts for the various opinions and are explained in different ways.

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