Feb 042018

This mishna lists other things that are forbidden to do with non-Jews/or idol worshippers are mentioned – selling trees and items attached to the ground and selling/making jewelry for their idols. Rabbi Eliezer ads that one can sell them jewelry – however there is a debate whether this is actually part of the mishna or a mistaken addition or should be corrected to read “if one sold to them, it is permitted to benefit from the money.” The gemara derives from the verse “lo techanem” 3 things that are forbidden, including the halacha in the mishna about selling items attached to the ground, complimenting non-Jews and giving them gifts for free. The other halachot mentioned are also alayze3d – are there really forbidden? Contradictory sources are brought. The debate in the mishna between Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehuda is discussed – can one sell a tree on condition that the non-Jew will chop it down after the sale?

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