Jan 142018

What does one do in a case where both sides are not allowed to take an oath? There is a debate in the mishna and there is a further debate in the mishna how to explain one of the opinions in the gemara. The two opinions are attributed by Rabbi Ami to Israel and Babylonia and Rav Pappa proves which specific rabbis in Babylonia and Israel match the opinions. Shimon ben Tarfon makes a few statements regarding associating with the right people and not with the wrong ones. The gemara discusses the case of the storekeeper who was asked to pay someone’s workers and the workers claim they never got paid and the storekeeper claims he paid them. The gemara raises a question whether Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi agreed with the opinion in the mishna that each swear and get paid by the employer? A case is raised of two groups of witnesses who contradict each other in court – are they believed to testify in a different case or since we know that one for sure lied, do we not accept other testimony of theirs. 4 options of cases are brought and one is compared to the case of the workers and the storekeeper.

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