Jan 072018

Study Guide Shevuot 40

Rav and Shmuel have a basic argument in explaining “a claim must be 2 ma’ah of silver” – is it referring to the amount of the case – meaning what the claimant’s side is demanding or is it referring to the defendant’s side – how much is he/she denying? Many cases in the mishna are brought to question one or the other opinion and they are each explained according to each opinion. Likewise, 2 braitot are brought for the same reason although the last one only supports Rav’s position. Several other halachot of Shmuel are brought, including a basic one that if one claims the another owes him/her 2 different items and one claims one only owes one of the items, one takes an oath of admitting part of the claim. Two versions are brought about whether Rabbi Yochanan agreed or disagreed with this opinion. Proofs are brought to prove Shmuel’s opinion but are proven to be inconclusive and likewise, those same proofs are brought to disprove the opinion that Rabbi Yochanan disagrees but are rejected in the same way.

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