Nov 142017

Study Guide Makkot 9

Does a child go to a city of refuge for killing a parent?  Can a slave or a Cuti (Shomronim) go to a city of refuge?  Does a Jew go for killing a slave or a Cuti?  For what cases does a ger toshav allowed to go?  For all these cases, contradictory sources are brought and the contradictions are resolved.  In the context of this, a debate ensues regarding the excuse “I thought it was allowed” – is it valid or not?  Potential proofs are brought from the Torah regarding Avimelech when he took Sarah from Avraham.  Does a blind person go to a city of refuge?  What is the halacha for one who hates the one who was killed?   The setting up of a system to help those who killed accidentally seems to be a uniquely Jewish concept.  See a recent article relating to the struggled of those who kill accidentally.

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