Nov 272017

The mishna listed a case where one plowed and received eight sets of lashes because of unique circumstances.  Does one get multiple punishments for an act on yom tov that involves multiple melachot (as one does on Shabbat)?  If so, why isn’t planting also listed in the mishna?  Eight other suggestions are made to cases that could have been brought in the mishna that would have added an additional set of lashes.  Cases are brought regarding cross breeding with animals that are hekdesh and chulin.  How many lashes does one receive?   If one cannot receive that many, the court assesses how many they can receive (must be a number divisible by 3).  What if they change the assessment?  Does it depend on whether they already starting giving the person lashes or not?  On what else is it dependent?  How does an assessment work when there are multiple sets of lashes?  How does the actual giving of lashes take place?  What type of whip do they use?  Where does the person receive the whipping?

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