Nov 212016

The Rabbis debate whether or not Rabbi Meir holds that the rabbis made their laws stringent like the Torah laws.  Various sources are brought to prove or disprove.  Abaye questions many of the stages of the debate claiming that there should be levels of rabbinic laws – ones that are prone to death by the court, death by the heavens, a lo taase and therefore the proofs and disproofs are comparing things that should not be compared.  The mishna cites certain things that the general laws of exploitation (ona’ah) do not apply to – land, slaves, documents and hekdesh.  Also other laws like double payment and laws of shomrim don’t apply to those same categories.  There are some distinctions made by other tannaim and a few more added to the list.  The gemara shows the derivation of the exemption to the laws of exploitation.

Study Guide Bava Metzia 56

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