Oct 282016

If one loses money from his work by taking a lost item, how do we determine what compensation he receives from the owner?  According to the mishna, if he wants to get his full salary, he needs stipulate that in front of three men.  A story is brought about a different case where there was a debate about whether it needed to be done before 3 men like the case in our mishna or two is sufficient.  If one finds an animal in a cowshed, it is not considered a lost item but in a public thoroughfare, it is.  More details of this are discussed in the gemara.  If one’s parent tells you to do something against what the Torah prescribes, one cannot listen to one’s parent.  The differences between loading and unloading are discussed.  Within the context of that conversation, Rava claims that the mitzva of tzaar baalei chayim is prescribed by the Torah.  Various proofs and contradictory sources are brought.

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