Sep 072016

If you hire someone to  fix something and they break it, they are responsible to pay you the value of it.  Rav Asi holds that if you give someone wood to build you a closet and he builds it but breaks it before he gives it to you,  he is not responsible for the broken item because the object is considered in his possession and he is like a seller who sells it back to you.  THere is a long debate about whether Rav Asi’s statement is agreed upon by everyone or if there is room for another opinion.  In attempting to see if tannaim debated this issue, an argument between Rabbi Meir and the Rabbis is brought regarding a woman who says to a smith to make her jewels with her own materials and she will be betrothed to him with those jewels.  The gemara suggest 4 different options as to what the principles are that stand behind their argument.

Study Guide Bava Kamma 99

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