Sep 012016

Rava and Raba bar Meri continue to derive sources from the Torah for various values statements.  The gemara then brings two different reasons for the distinction the mishna makes between a case where one exempts amonther for inflicting upon him bodily damage to a case where one exempts another for destroying his possessions. A contradiction between our mishna and a braita relating to laws of shomrim (where one is exempt if someone gave him an item to destroy) and two different answers are given.  One who is in charge of charity funds is not responsible if something happens to the money.  However an exception to this rule is brought.  The ninth chapter begins with a discussion of a thief and his ultimate ownership over the item he stole in the event that the item changes or he changes it.  Various mishnayot and braitot are brought which seem to contradict the mishna and each other and various possibilities are brought to reconcile them.

Study Guide Bava Kamma 93


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