Sep 192016

The case of stealing from a convert who subsequently dies and the money as well as the sacrifice is brought to the kohen.  Cases are brought where the money and the sacrifice are brought to 2 different rotations of kohanim and what is done is discussed and argued depending on the situation.  The asham brought after stealing is compared to the asham brought for meila – misuse of consecrated property.  The tenth perek starts with a discussion of someone who eats the stolen item from the robber – can the owner demand the money back from the one who consumed it or only from the robber himself.  It depends on whether or not the owner has given up on getting his item back or not.  In the case where he gave up, the owner cannot demand it from the one who consumed it as the combination of the owner having given up and the change of ownership allows it to change ownership and therefor the original owner has no claim with the third party – he can only claim it from the robber.  But if he had not given up, then the one who consumed is considered as if he stole it from the original owner as it was still in his possession at the time of consumption.

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