Jul 222016

Study Guide Bava Kamma 52

At what point does one owner pass over responsibility to the other?  This leads the gemara to also question if handing over keys to a house would be a way of transferring ownership.  One of the rabbis says it is and the gemara questions it as that is not one of the methods by which one can acquire land.  Other cases are brought where one covers it and yet somehow it gets uncovered.  If the second owner of the pit sees it and doesn’t cover it, he is responsible.  The gemara questions – at which point would the first owner revert back to assuming responsibility for it together with the second person?  If one covers it and somehow the animal falls in anyway, the owner is not responsible.  The gemara says that it must be when the cover rotted.   From here, the gemara raises a question abotu covering it with something that is protected for an ox but not for a camel.  What if the camel came and weakened it and then the ox fell in.  The gemara tries to answer the question from our mishna but is unsuccessful.  It then suggests a different version of the question and again tries to answer it from our mishna.

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