Jun 302016

The gemara states that Rabbi Yochanan and Rabbi Elazar disagree about one who renounces his property in the public thoroughfare – is he responsible for damages or not.  The gemara doesn’t know who holds which opinion and brings different statements of theirs to be able to conclude who help by which opinion.  In doing so, they analyze different cases and make distinctions between cases where one may or may not be held responsible.  The gemara brings 3 opinions advising people how to become a pious person – one should fulfill either nezikin, avot or brachot.  One can attempt to suggest theories as to the uniqueness of each of these categories.  Taking out garbage or putting out garbage to become fertilizer in the time of the Mishna/Talmud raised various questions about the level or responsibility of the one who took it out in the event it caused damage.  Does the fact that one is allowed to do something, remove him from responsibility for damage it may cause?

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