Jun 242016

How does an animal become a shor muad?  Do the occurances need to be on separate days or can they be all in the same day?  How can we go back to determining that he is no longer dangerous and can be considered as a shor tam?  According to one opinion the instances need to be on 3 separate days.  If so, is the purpose to show that the animal is prone to dangerous behavior or is it for the purposes of letting the owner know that he should watch his animal?  The gemara attempts to answer this question.  If one entices a dog and the dog bites him, Rava says that the owner is not responsible because the enticer instigated him.  The next mishna discusses the argument between Rabbi Tarfon and the rabbis in a case where the animal did keren (aytpical) damages in the property of the one who was damaged.  Does the owner of the animal pay full damages or only half?

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