May 182016

Study Guide Kiddushin 68

How was it determined that all children born from forbidden relations that are obligated by karet or death by the court are mamzerim.  The gemara questions why we learn it all from one’s wife’s sister (that the child would be a mamzer) and not from a nidda (the child would not be a mamzer).  Those born from forbidden relationship that are only a negative commandment (but not punishable by karet or death by the court are not mamzerim and a betrothal would be considered a betrothal.  This is learned from a verse.  Three alternative readings of that verse are brought in order to explain Rabbi Akiva’s unique opinions that the child would be a mamzer in those cases.  Derivations are brought to teach that the child born from a maidservant and a non Jewish woman are considered not Jewish.

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