Mar 032016

If a husband writes a get to his wife and changes his mind, there is a disagreement between Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel about whether she is allowed to marry a Kohen in the event that the first husband dies.  A second disagreement between them in a case where a husband and wife go into a secluded place after they get divorced – does he need to give her another get. There are 2 varying opinions among the emoraim about the situation in which they disagree – were there witnesses who saw them having sexual relations or did they just witness them going into a room alone.  What is a “bald get”?  If a woman is divorced with this kind of get, the same laws apply as in all the other cases where she needs a get from the first husband and if she got remarried, then also from the second and can’t remarry either one of them.

Study Guide Gittin 81

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