Feb 232016

The discussion from the last daf continues as to who the mishna is according to – Rabbi Meir or Rabbi Yossi regarding whether or not messengers can set up pther messengers to write and give the get.  If a man divorces his wife conditioning it upon his death – does that work?  Tanna Kama holds that it depend on the wording – if he said this is your get from now if I die, it works – upon his death, the get applies retroactively from the date he gave it.  If not, it doesn’t work. Rabbi Yossi holds that it works in any case because the get is dated from today and therefore the date proves that he meant the get to be effective upon his death retroactive to the date in the get.  Rav Huna’s statement about this mishna is questioned and the gemara struglles to explain according to who he was relating and which case.

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