Dec 312015

What if time elapses between the writing of the get and the giving of the get?  How does that affect the number of months a woman needs to wait after a divorce before remarrying?  Does the lcokc start ticking from the signing or from the giving?  From what point does the financial obligation of the husband to the wife in a ketuba go from being an obligation to being a loan, in whcih case it would then be cancelled during a shmita year?  There is a disagreement about in which case Rabbi Shimon allows time to elapse between the writing of the get and the signing.  What if more than one day elapsed?   Another disagreement about a case where someone asked 10 people to all write the get – what is the function of all of their signatures – are two viewed as witnesses and the others as fulfilling the husban’ds stipulation or are all considered witnesses?  What are the ramifications of the two opinions?

Study Guide Gittin 18

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