Nov 182015

The meal offering of the Sotah married to a Kohen presents a quandary – is it treated as a meal offering of a Kohen and burned entirely or is it treated as her meal offering and the remainder is eaten by a Kohen.  Many halachot are brought where there are differences between a Kohen and the daughter of a Kohen and also ones where there is a difference between men and women.

Study Guide Sotah 23

Nov 172015

What is a רשע ערום mentioned in the Mishna?  Who are the other shady characters in the Mishna who cause the downfall of the world?  Much time is dedicated to criticizing those who learn Torah and Mishna but do not learn the reasons behind the laws.

Nov 162015

If a Sotah has merits, her death from drinking the waters may be delayed.  What can be considered a merit?  Does the merit of learning Torah help her or only facilitating the Torah learning of her sons and husband?  What are actions that people do that destroy the world?  Some examples: not saving a drowning woman because it would be inappropriate to look at a woman in the water, corrupting judges, etc.

Study Guide Sotah 21

Nov 152015

Does the Sotah drink before the meal offering of the opposite?  At what point can the woman be forced to drink the water?  What if she confesses right before?  And famous statements about whether or not a father can/should teach his daughter Torah.

Study Guide Sotah 20

Nov 122015

The Kohen writes a “megilla” that gets erased in the Sotah waters and has the Sotah take an oath or two oaths.  What is the content of the megilla and the oaths and various details surrounding them is discussed in today’s shiur.

Study Guide Sotah 17