Apr 052016

There is a discussion relating to which types of blemishes are considered noticeable that a slave would go free if the master caused it.  Arguments surround the cases of castrated testicles and the tongue.  Sources are brought from other areas of halacha where revealed blemishes are discussed.  The mishna discusses how larger and smaller animals are acquired.  The gemara raises a question according to a tanna who requires lifting the animal:  how can an elephant be acquired?

Apr 042016

The gemara resolves a contradiction between the opinions of Rabbi Meir and the rabbis in the case of freeing a non Jewish slave with money to their opinions in a seemingly similar case regarding redeeming maaser sheni.  A non Jewish slave is redeemed if you knock out a tooth, an eye or certain extremities of his body.  The derivation of these laws from the verses in the Torah are discussed.  Does the slave go free if the eye is not knocked out but is non functional or it was not functional before but the master actually knocked it out?   What if the master was a doctor and damaged the eye while performing a surgical procedure?

Study Guide Kiddushin 24

Apr 032016

A non Jewish slave is freed by money or by a document.  Is it a benefit for a non Jewish slave to be redeemed or not?  Does anything he receives while in slavery automatically become his owner’s?  If so, how can he be redeemed?  How will he have money to pay his way out?  And how can he receive a document saying he will be free if he is an extension of the owner and therefore anything he receives goes straight to the owner in which case he can’t receive the document?  There is a 3 way argument over how the slave can be freed and the argument is affected by how they hold on the various issues mentioned above.

Study Guide Kiddushin 23

Apr 012016

Comparisons are made between the laws learned in the various sections in Vayikra chaprter 25 and 27 regarding selling and redemption of land, houses, Jewish slaves sold to non Jews and to Jews, and land promised to the beit hamikdash.  Sources are brought to teach various laws regarding a slave who gets his ear pierced because he wants to stay with his master after working for 6 years.

Study Guide Kiddushin 21